About Us

Randa Industrial Ltd has been established since 1996. We are a diverse marketing agency, which has the experience in the following services: Customer Promotions, Strategic Insight, Creative Design, Marketing Campaigns, Events Management. And every single steps of a product, like a design, production and the materials of marketing related items of a premium gifts.

It would be a honour of us if you are going to ask for any help from our company. There are different professionals which are experts in different fields for solving your different requires with their fastest time.

Four different professionals in different fields to help you:
1. The Sourcing team - Responsible for good products with the best pricing the quality through the local and oversea factories.
2. The Design team - Responsible for the design concepts which fits customers’s requires with their creative graphic and creative design.
3. The Production team - Responsible for the procedures of the products and controls them in the planned schedules.
4. The Sales team - Responsible for the result of the product in the market, always ahead for high result.

It would be our honour to provide you with our different customised services and marketing solutions from our experienced and professional teams. It would be great to meet you and understand what you need, to discuss the ways we can cooperate in order to help you to achieve your company’s goal.